Community Needs Requests

As more and more funds become available in response to the current COVID-19 crisis, ETDD wants to ensure these funds are being appropriately administered for specific community needs. For this, we are seeking your help. While ETDD is preparing to hire additional personnel, help us help you by identifying YOUR community’s needs.

Over the next few days, please compile a list of your existing and immediate needs. Include your identified Capital Improvement Project ideas (I.E. waterlines, any essential infrastructure or equipment), why you need the infrastructure or equipment identified and an estimated cost. The COVID-19 related relief funds available are projected to continue and possibly increase over the next few years. It is important our office compile a list of needs identified by you, our community leaders. Anything you feel should be added to your list- do so. Examples can be found below. Please send your lists by Friday June 19th, 2020 with anticipated or estimated costs.

Capital Improvement Project needs may include: Fire and/or police vehicles, water projects, waterlines, sewer lines, solid waste equipment, communications equipment, recreation equipment, industrial access roads or industrial park improvements. Please include specific community needs and estimated cost. You may email those lists to Jaclyn Courter, or Mitch Loomis,

Please send us your list of needs by Friday June 19th. We look forward to helping you match needs with potential funds. If you have questions, feel free to give the office a call weekday from 8am-4pm. Hope you are all staying safe and well!