TNECD Rural and Community Development

ETDD Board Members and Other Officials,

Please find attached a listing of programs from the TN Department of Economic and Community Development that might be of interest to your community. The ETDD staff would be happy to discuss any of the program offerings with you at any time.

Also attached is a copy of a recent presentation that was made by Dr. Bridget Jones to the ETDD Executive Committee. Although the presentation is specific to the ETDD region, the full TNECD Best Practices website can be accessed through this link. The TNECD Rural Development Best Practices website is a growing resource of project descriptions that highlight success stories across the state.  The series features local and regional project that have been funded by TNECD Community and Rural Development and Rural Task Force partners across Tennessee that can be successfully replicated by your communities.  The site will be updated during the summer of this add the 75 Best Practices arranged by TNECD Program Categories.

Finally, the Transparent Tennessee webpage link provides up to date information on TNECD Rural and Community Development resources that have been provided to their communities. This is an excellent resource that describes all types of TNECD technical assistance and grant funding that has been awarded to their cities and counties for the period of 2015 – 2019 (current time). This webpage also provides totals for each TNECD program by region.

TNECD Best Practices ETDD Region

Rural Development Programs FY19