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Terry Bobrowski
Executive Director

East Tennessee Development District

The East Tennessee Development District (ETDD) is a voluntary association of municipal and county governments that are located in the mid-east region of Tennessee. ETDD provides sixteen counties and fifty-six municipalities with planning and development services while also serving as a forum for local governments to solve common problems associated with economic development and growth. Organized in 1966, the East Tennessee Development District continues to be a vital force in helping local governments plan for the future by coordinating the establishment of regional and local priorities within the fields of economic and community development.

The Executive Committee is composed of one board member from each of the 16 counties within the East Tennessee Development District region. The committee also has one state representative, one state senator and two minority members-at-large. The Executive Committee meets monthly and provides policy guidance for the activities of the East Tennessee Development District.




2013 National Flood Insurance Presentation

Minutes of the most recent ETDD Executive Committee meeting

Board Subcommittees - 2013 - 2014

Minutes of the Annual Board of Directors meeting - March 6, 2014

2014-2015 Board of Directors - Directory

Conflict of Interest Policy


The checklists listed below can be used to help Planning Commissions evaluate potential sites for industrial development. (click on the "pdf" to view the checklists)

Industrial Site Checklist (pdf attached)

Industrial Site Checklist and Contact Information (pdf attached)



NOTICE: It will not be long before new Office of Justice Program (OJP) grants will become available for 2014. In order to apply for any police grants you must be registered under the new system. Please see the attached memo (pdf) for instructions on how to get registered. (OJP Grants)



ECD Special Census Procedures

January 1, 2013

The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development provides procedures in this document for cities and counties to document population changes between each federal decennial census. The Tennessee Code Annotated allows cities to conduct annexation special censuses as they are effective and up to four citywide special censuses during the decade. A county may also conduct up to two countywide special censuses. If a city or county chooses, it may use the services of the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Census to conduct and certify a special census. The Bureau of Census does not involve the State to certify the new count; however, ECD will use a new certified count from the Bureau of Census in the "Annual Certified Population of Incorporated Municipalities and Counties" used for distribution of state shared revenues. (click here for entire document)



Tennessee Incentives (Grants, Tax Credits and Exemptions)


Geospatial Data Access

The State of Tennessee, Office of Information Research – GIS Services provides sets of digital data to ETDD through a user agreement between ETDD and OIR.  This data is provided to us based on a State Agency Sponsorship by the Department of Economic and Community Development.  This data cannot be shared by us or used for commercial purposes; however, the GIS data greatly enhances our ability to assist communities in the District in their planning, grant application, and other processes.

OIR GIS Services has created countywide GIS data sets in ESRI format consisting of the following features:

  • Cadastral features (parcels and other parcel-related features).  This is data we can download periodically and it is essential to most of our GIS projects.
  • Unintelligent Planimetric features (hydrography, street centerlines, etc.).  This data contains no associated tabular data, such as name, size, type, etc. 
  • Digital ortho imagery.
  • Miscellaneous data available from other sources that OIR - GIS Services publishes but does not maintain (census block boundary data, flood data, soils, etc.).

In addition to the GIS data from OIR, we have access to FEMA DFIRM data showing flood zones for the counties in the ETDD District.  This data can be layered over aerial photography, parcel boundaries, corporate limits, and other data for analysis purposes.




Statement From The Executive Director

Regionalism works in East Tennessee. Created in 1966 by an act of the Tennessee State Legislature, the East Tennessee Development District has always been a strong leader of regional development and cooperation within our sixteen county service area. Our success is due to the fact that ETDD provides important and meaningful planning and development services to our constituent governments.

First and foremost, ETDD is an association of local governments. Our primary mission is to provide planning services within the fields of economic and community development to the local governments that we serve. Because the development district boundaries encompass multi-county areas, ETDD is able to focus on issues of regional importance - on issues that impact more than one city or county.

The role of the East Tennessee Development District will become increasingly important as we face the future. Shrinking federal, state and local resources will require communities to band together to face and solve common problems associated with community and economic growth. Working together, the sixteen counties and fifty-six municipalities of the East Tennessee Development District will be able to successfully meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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