Tennessee Fair Housing Survey – Now Extended Through October 4, 2019

Whether you are a renter or homeowner, fair and affordable housing matters to everyone. The Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) and partners have released a survey for ALL Tennesseans to tell us about your housing experiences. THDA is conducting a study of fair housing in Tennessee called the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice. As the name suggests, we are looking to identify barriers faced to fair and affordable housing choices and determine solutions to minimize those barriers.

All Tennesseans are encouraged to click the link below and share with friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and clients. The survey is available in English and Spanish. Please respond by October 4, 2019.


Encuesta sobre equidad de la vivienda para residentes de Tennessee – Responder antes del 4 de octubre de 2019

Ya sea que sea inquilino o propietario, la equidad y asequibilidad de la vivienda nos atañe a todos. La Agencia de Desarrollo de la Vivienda de Tennessee (THDA), y sus asociados han lanzado una encuesta para que TODOS los residentes de Tennessee cuenten sus experiencias en lo que respecta a la vivienda. La THDA está realizando una investigación respecto a la equidad de la vivienda en Tennessee denominado Análisis de los obstáculos en la equidad de las opciones de vivienda. Tal y como el nombre sugiere, buscamos identificar barreras que se enfrentan en la equidad y asequibilidad de las opciones de vivienda y encontrar soluciones para minimizar esas barreras.

Se alienta a todos los residentes de Tennessee a visitar el siguiente enlace o escanear el código QR para participar en la encuesta. Esta encuesta se toma aproximadamente de 15  a 20 minutos completarla. Una vez que haya terminado, comparta el enlace con sus amigos, familiares, vecinos, colegas y clientes. La encuesta está disponible en inglés y en español. Responder antes del 4 de octubre de 2019.

Para Español: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FairHousingTN?lang=es_US


Community Feedback Requested: Housing and Community Development in Tennessee

 The Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) has completed a draft of the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) on the 2015-19 Tennessee Consolidated Plan for the CDBG, ESG, HOME, HOPWA, and Housing Trust Fund (HTF) programs. This annual report to HUD describes how federal funds were spent on activities that benefit low and moderate income residents as well as other housing and community development activities across the state. Citizens are encouraged to review and make comments on information contained in the report. The CAPER draft is available for review and public comment at https://thda.org/about-thda/public-notice-and-comment beginning September 4, 2019. A draft summary in English and Spanish will also be available. Written comments via electronic submission on the THDA website will be accepted from September 4-19, 2019.

Additionally, THDA invites all Tennessee residents to participate in a fair housing survey open through October 4, 2019. English and Spanish versions of the survey are available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FairHousingTN.

Please send accommodation requests to Research@thda.org.


Se Pide Comentarios de la Comunidad: Viviendas y Desarrollo Comunitario en Tennessee

La Agencia del Desarrollo de Viviendas de Tennessee ha completado un borrador del Informe de Desempeño y Evaluación Anual Consolidado (Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report, CAPER) sobre el Plan Consolidado de Tennessee 2015-19 para los programas CDBG, ESHG, HOME, HOPWA, y Fondo Fiduciario de Viviendas (HTF). Este informe anual al HUD describe cómo fondos federales fueron gastados en actividades que beneficiaron a residentes de ingresos bajos y moderados, además de otras actividades de viviendas y desarrollo comunitarios a lo largo del estado. Se animan a los ciudadanos a que revisen y hagan comentarios sobre la información contenida en el informe. El borrador del CAPER está disponible para revisión y comentarios públicos en https://thda.org/about-thda/public-notice-and-comment  a partir del 4 de septiembre de 2019. Un resumen del borrador en inglés y español también estará disponible. Se aceptan comentarios escritos vía presentación electrónica en el sitio web de THDA del 4-19 de septiembre de 2019.

Además, THDA invita a todos los residentes de Tennessee a participar en una encuesta de vivienda equitativa, abierto hasta el 4 de octubre de 2019. Versiones de la encuesta en inglés y español están disponibles en https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FairHousingTN?lang=es_US

Por favor envíe solicitudes de acomodaciones a Research@thda.org



The ETDD Housing Planner works with local, regional and state partners to address the housing needs of East Tennessee. The Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) contracts with ETDD to provide technical assistance to local communities across sixteen counties. ETDD primarily assists with housing-related inquiries and regularly submits grant applications for state and federal housing programs. Through our regional partnerships, we are able to disseminate information about housing programs, funding sources and Fair Housing laws to residents across East Tennessee.

For more information about our Housing Programs, please contact Jonathan Moseley at jmoseley@etdd.org.

Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA)

As the State’s housing finance agency, the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) is a self-sufficient, independently funded, publicly accountable entity of the State of Tennessee. THDA’s mission is to ensure that every Tennessean has access to safe, sound, affordable housing opportunities. More information about THDA programs can be found online at www.thda.org.

THDA Homeownership

THDA’s Great Choice Loan Program offers 30-year, fixed rate mortgages and down payment assistance to eligible first-time, repeat and military homebuyers. Borrowers must meet certain requirements and conditions, including credit history, income limits and cost of home. http://thda.org/homebuyers/homebuyers



TNHousingSearch.org is Tennessee’s free housing locator. It is free for landlords to list housing, and free for tenants to search for housing. Affordable (income based and properties) and market rate properties, including those that accept Housing Choice Vouchers, may be found on the site. The service is ADA Title II 508 compliant; works with assistive technology; uses Google to translate content into almost 100 languages. For those needing additional listing or search assistance, a toll-free, bilingual call center is available.

Additional Homeownership Links:

Down Payment Assistance: https://thda.org/homebuyers/down-payment-assistance-1

Homeownership for the Brave: http://thda.org/homebuyers/military

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Single Family Help Desk at 615-815-2100 or sfask@thda.org.

THDA Community Programs

The Community Programs Division administers a variety of housing programs supported through federal, state and THDA funding. The Division awards grants to local governments and non-profit agencies to meet the housing needs of low income Tennesseans. http://thda.org/business-partners/partners

For more information, please contact Coralee Holloway, Director of Community Programs at 615-815-2030.

THDA Rental Programs

The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) or “Voucher” program is a federal rental assistance program funded through HUD where very low-income families, the elderly and the disabled receive assistance to afford decent, safe and sanitary housing in the private market. As a state housing agency, THDA administers the Housing Choice Voucher program in 72 Tennessee counties, between 4 regional offices. http://thda.org/renters/renters

For more information, please contact Jaboria Scott, Director of Rental Assistance at 615-815-2164.

THDA Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit is a credit against federal income tax liability each year for 10 years for owners and investors in low-income rental housing. The amount of tax credits is based on reasonable costs of development, as determined by THDA, and the number of qualified low-income units. http://thda.org/business-partners/lihtc

THDA Research and Planning

For statewide and county-based information about housing and housing affordability, the THDA Research and Planning Division has multiple resources to gain insight into the state’s housing market. https://thda.org/research-planning/research-planning


Additional Housing Links:

 Tennessee Fair Housing Council: http://www.tennfairhousing.org/

Tennessee Housing Conference: http://thda.org/about-thda/ghc

Housing Assistance Council: http://www.ruralhome.org/