Community Development: GIS

ETDD maintains an active Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide mapping and spatial analysis tools for District activities.

GIS services for the District include:

  • Thematic Maps: Display of spatial distribution of specific data
  • Topographic Maps: Elevation of an area using USGS base maps
  • Aerial Maps: Satellite imagery of a project area
  • Location Maps: Project area in relation to other geographies


GIS services for PAS Contracts include:

  • Zoning Maps: Display of official, parcel-based zoning data
  • Proposed Rezoning Maps: Highlight of proposed zoning changes
  • Proposed Annexation Maps: Highlight of proposed annexations

Uses for ETDD GIS Maps:

  • Grant Applications
  • Environmental Reviews
  • Transportation Plans
  • Land Use Plans
  • Master Plans
  • Recreation Plans
  • Official Zoning illustrations
  • Proposed Rezoning / Annexation illustration

Contact: Emily Craig at

Grant Application & Environmental Review Maps
Transportation Plan Maps
Land Use Plan Maps
Master Plan Maps
Zoning Maps & Proposed Rezoning Illustrations