ETDD maintains an active Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide mapping and spatial analysis tools for District grant projects and the Planning Advisory Service. With GIS, multiple data sources and layers of spatial information are combined and tailored to create a graphical display of key information. GIS services for the District include creation of thematic, topographic, aerial, location, and other maps and illustrations for grants, land use plans, and other documents. In coordination with the planning staff, GIS staff provides maintenance of corporate limits and zoning maps where needed and creation of base maps, land use maps, and specialized small area study maps, as well as many other projects as requested for District communities.

Listed below are a few examples of maps that were created in GIS using a combination of data from various sources and in collaboration with ETDD staff and the communities.

For more information about our GIS services, please contact Emily Craig at (865) 273-6003 ext. 120 or at

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