The East Tennessee Development District has established the Planning Advisory Services (PAS) to supplement the wide array of services offered to local cities and counties in the region. These planning services are offered to local governments on a contractual basis and deliver professional services under a locally established comprehensive planning program in cooperation with the local leadership and a multitude of agencies. Generally, specific services provided are within the primary planning components of long range planning, strategic planning, land use controls, floodplain management, community development services, mapping, and continuing education training. These services are based on community need and are established in cooperation with a locally adopted work program derived from the primary planning components.

Some of the specific services include:

  • Professional planner to staff local planning commission and board of zoning appeals meetings.
  • Provision of daily planning advice by a professional planner in response to local needs.
  • Preparation of short-term and long-range strategic plans and studies.
  • Plans and plat review assistance for local development review.
  • Advisory services for drafting and amending local land use controls to ensure effective and legally defensible regulations.
  • Advice and assistance on a variety of relevant issues related to federal, state, and regional programs that affect local planning programs.
  • The provision of regional training sessions to local planning commission members on a continual basis.

For more information about this program, please contact ETDD’s Planning Advisory Service at (865) 273-6003.

Additional planning resources may be found at the following links listed below: