Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

The East Tennessee Development District regards the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the 16 county region as a continuing process built upon all past planning activities since the inception of the East Tennessee Development District in 1966.

The CEDS document:

  • describes the problems, needs, potentials and resources of an area;
  • presents the community’s vision and goals;
  • sets the strategic direction for an action plan;
  • establishes priority programs and projects for implementation;
  • and outlines the standards for the annual evaluation and update of the process.

The CEDS process is intended to lead to the formulation and implementation of programs that create jobs, raise income levels, diversify the economy, and improve the quality of life, while protecting the environment. The CEDS process comprises (1) analysis, (2) vision, (3) action plan, and (4) evaluation.

The East Tennessee Development District Executive Committee is the designated body to develop and approve the CEDS. The ETDD Executive Committee represents each of the sixteen counties of the East Tennessee Development District and includes two minority members at large and two state legislators.

The Annual Update of ETDD’s CEDS always includes the District Public Improvements Program representing the priority projects of the region. Other annual updates for the 2017-2018 version of the CEDS include a listing of the current Board of Directors, current economic and population information, update of the status of transportation projects in the region and an update of the industrial sites inventory for the region.

Click here to for a copy of the report:  2020 Annual Comprehensive Economic Development Report